Watch, Alert, Act

At watchlister we recognise that monitoring open data provides leading indicators of financial stress.
From experience we also know that having this information available in real-time makes decision making more timely and effective.

Watch – Real-Time Monitoring


Start watchlisting now! Search for a business entity with an Australian Business Number (ABN) and add them to your watchlist. It’s as simple as that. Once you add a business, you will have access to a history of key risk events such as insolvency and change of business details.

Our monitoring covers:

  • The appointment of administrators or liquidators
  • Applications to wind-up a company
  • High risk changes of business status, including changes to ABN status
  • Changes of business address
  • Changes to company details including changes of directors (Custom clients only)
  • Live feeds of Court decisions  (Custom clients only)
  • Live payment default information and payment disputes  (Custom clients only)

We monitor information from several sources, and you access it from one single source - your Watchlister Dashboard. We also identify risk events from media and other sources and publish these alerts directly to your dashboard.

Alert – Instant Alerts



We will alert you via SMS or email as soon as there is a change to a business you are monitoring. Our alert system guides you on the level of risk detected with critical alerts sent via SMS as they occur.

  • Critical – high risk
  • Important - medium risk
  • Information – low risk

Get notified immediately via SMS and Email. You will also receive notification on your watchlister dashboard. We will occasionally push out relevant alerts to you as required.

Act – Reduce Losses



With the right information at the right time, you can act quickly to reduce or avoid financial losses.

With key data from watchlister you can make an informed decision about who you do business with. We level the playing field by offering risk management tools previously only available to large businesses, credit bureaus, government agencies and accounting firms.

Start watchlisting now!