Our Mission is simple: To level the playing field for businesses with real-time risk alerts.



What is watchlister?

When you subscribe to watchlister you gain access to valuable real-time risk management tools. As a subscription based service you control which businesses you monitor and how you organise them according to your business needs. Our leading approach means anyone who deals with an Australian business can be alerted to risk events in real-time.

The team at watchlister have local, national and international perspectives on financial risk and have developed a reputation for delivering relevant and practical solutions. Watchlister has been developed by experts using the latest in open data technology and an understanding of risk management and financial viability assessment.

Why use watchlister?

Our real-time monitoring identifies possible indicators of financial stress, but does not predict business failure or success. We enable you to watch businesses and alert you to potential default indicators. We are not a credit bureau, we are your real-time risk management solution. 

Know your customer with watchlister:

  • Check the credit risk of any registered Australian business
  • Monitor businesses you deal with
  • Get instant email and SMS alerts of insolvency
  • Act quickly to avoid and reduce financial losses

The watchlister dashboard is a powerful risk management tool. A simple control panel for searching, categorising and reporting is supported by sophisticated, purpose-built technology – available at your finger-tips.

What is real-time?

Real-time monitoring means our system detects changes registered on Government databases as soon as they are published.

A key challenge for traditional financial viability assessments is they are based on a historical snapshot of financial statements. However, in nearly all cases we are interested in the future viability of the business over the life of a proposed contract or project, and financial viability can rapidly deteriorate.

Real-time monitoring of publicly accessible data – the appointment of administrators or liquidators, applications to wind-up a company and changes to company details – can identify key risk indicators immediately, not just during an annual assessment or evaluation.

Who should use watchlister?

Investors, procurement professionals, financial officers and anyone with an interest in understanding the financial viability of the businesses they are dealing with should use watchlister.

Our clients have avoided large losses by being able to act quickly and decisively by reducing exposure to high risk customers and suppliers, and ending relationships before losses occur.

Whether you’re in the business of lending, assessing credit risk, purchasing, managing contracts or just seeking peace of mind, you can make better business decisions using information that is often impossible to monitor as a small business or individual. Watchlister allows you to manage your financial risk conveniently and economically and most importantly in real-time.

Today watchlister is trusted by leading Australian businesses. Stop wondering and start watchlisting.  Sign up online or call us today to customise a package to suit your business needs.




Automatically monitor businesses you deal with.


Instant notification of risk events via email and SMS.


Make informed decisions about who you do business with.

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